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Foundations of Paleoparasitology


Unprecedented initiative in the world, the book compiles the available knowledge on the subject and presents the state-of-the-art in paleoparasitology – term coined about 30 years ago by Brazilian Fiocruz researcher Luiz Fernando Ferreira, pioneer in this science which is concerned with the study of parasites in the past. Multidisciplinary by essence, paleoparasitology gathers contributions from social scientists, biologists, historians, archaeologists, pharmacists, doctors and many other professionals, either in biomedical or humanities fields. With varied applications such as in evolutionary or migration studies, their results often depend on the association between laboratory findings and cultural remains. The book is divided into four parts - Parasites, Hosts, and Human Environment; Parasites Remains Preserved in Various Materials and Techniques in Microscopy and Molecular Diagnostics; Parasite Findings in Archeological Remains: a paleographic view; and Special Studies and Perspectives. Signed by authors from various countries such as Argentina, USA, Germany and France, the book has chapters devoted to the discoveries of paleoparasitology on all continents.

Table of Contents

Front Matter / Elementos Pré-textuais / Páginas Iniciales Preview PDF
Preface Preview PDF
Presentation Preview PDF
1. An Introduction to Paleoparasitology Preview PDF
2. The Preservation of Organic Material over Time Preview PDF
3. The History of Paleopathology in Brazil: skulls, parasites, and diseases from the past Preview PDF
4. The Dispersal of Homo sapiens and the Peopling of the Continents Preview PDF
5. Human Occupation of Patagonia Preview PDF
6. Parasitism Preview PDF
7. The Origin of Parasites of Humans Preview PDF
8. Parasites as Markers of Prehistoric Migrations Preview PDF
9. The Study of Microinclusions in Coprolites Preview PDF
10. Arthropods and Parasites Found in Amber Preview PDF
11. Mites, Ticks, and Paleoparasitology Preview PDF
12. Bacteria and Paleoparasitology Preview PDF
13. Viruses and Paleoparasitology Preview PDF
14. Pollen Grains, Landscapes, and Paleoenvironments Preview PDF
15. Paleoparasitological Diagnosis Preview PDF
16. Coprolite diagnosis, or who made the coprolite? Preview PDF
17. Paleoserology Preview PDF
18. Paleoparasitology and Ancient DNA Preview PDF
19. Molecular Paleoparasitology Preview PDF
20. The Findings in South America Preview PDF
21. The Findings in North America Preview PDF
22. The Findings in Europe Preview PDF
23. The Findings in Asia Preview PDF
24. The Findings in Oceania Preview PDF
25. The Findings in Africa Preview PDF
26. The Paleoepidemiology of Chagas disease Preview PDF
27. Diseases Recorded in Historical Documents Preview PDF
28. Methods in Paleoepidemiology and New Perspectives in Paleoparasitology Preview PDF
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