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A web-based approach to measure skill mismatches and skills profiles for a developing country: the case of Colombia


Despite information failures in the labour market and their consequences on unemployment and informality rates, countries like Colombia lack a proper labour market information system to identify skill mismatches and employer skill requirements. The use of online job portals as a potential source of labour market information has gained the attention of researchers and policymakers since these portals can provide quick and relatively low-cost data collection. However, debates continue about the efficacy and robustness of job portals for labour market analysis. Accordingly, this book implements a novel mixed methods approach (e.g. web scraping, text mining, machine learning, etc.) in order to investigate to what extent a web-based model of skill mismatches can be developed for Colombia. This book contributes to our current understanding of the topic by developing a conceptual and methodological approach to identify skills, occupations, and skill mismatches using online job advertisements, which would otherwise be too complex to analyse via other means.

Table of Contents

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1. Introduction Preview PDF
2. The Labour Market and Skill Mismatches Preview PDF
3. The Colombian Context Preview PDF
4. The Information Problem: Big Data as a Solution for Labour Market Analysis Preview PDF
5. Methodology Preview PDF
6. Extracting More Value from Job Vacancy Information (Methodology Part 2) Preview PDF
7. Descriptive Analysis of the Vacancy Database Preview PDF
8. Internal and External Validity of the Vacancy Database Preview PDF
9. Possible Uses of Labour Demand and Supply Information to Reduce Skill Mismatches Preview PDF
10. Conclusions and Implications Preview PDF
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