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Latin America's eclusive democracies


This is a refreshing book: it contains nothing trite, rejects conventionality and academic fads, and unswervingly asserts a clear position on thorny issues. With this book, Bernardo Sorj has demonstrated once again what those of us who have followed his career already knew: not only is he an excellent sociologist, but above all, he is a true intellectual, a critical thinker who tackles the main issues of today’s world, and Latin America in particular.

Table of Contents

Front Matter / Elementos Pré - textuais / Páginas Iniciales Preview PDF
Prologue Preview PDF
Introduction - the democratic paradox Preview PDF
Chapter I - Citizenship and human rights Preview PDF
Chapter II - From labor rights to minority rights Preview PDF
Chapter III - “Civil Society,” NGOs, and the globalization of social agendas Preview PDF
Chapter IV - Social t ransformations and the judicialization of social c onflict in Latin America Preview PDF
Conclusions - politics without morals and morals without politics? Preview PDF
Annex - a note on the interdisciplinary approach Preview PDF
Bibliography Preview PDF
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