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Biotechnology in Europe and Latin America: prospects for co-operation


The materials presented at the conference have been updated and edited, to give in this book an up-to-date picture of capabilities and common IV interests. Although inevitably any book on biotechnology is obsolete by the time it appears, there is nothing obsolescent about the dynamism now being displayed in the development of the bioindustries in both continents. We hope that the presentations assembled in this volume will testify to this dynamic development, and stimulate its further promotion. [excerpt taken from the book's Preface]

Table of Contents

Front Matter / Elementos Pré-textuais / Páginas Iniciales Preview PDF
Preface Preview PDF
Welcoming speech Preview PDF
Remarks Preview PDF
Introduction Preview PDF
Overview of european activities in biotechnology Preview PDF
Belgium Preview PDF
Denmark Preview PDF
France Preview PDF
The Federal Republic of Germany Preview PDF
Greece Preview PDF
The Republic of Ireland Preview PDF
Italy Preview PDF
The Netherlands Preview PDF
Portugal Preview PDF
Spain Preview PDF
The United Kingdom Preview PDF
Comments Preview PDF
Overview of Latin American activities in biotechnology Preview PDF
Argentina Preview PDF
Brazil Preview PDF
Mexico Preview PDF
The Andean Countries Preview PDF
Health in the third world: the role of international co-operation Preview PDF
Conclusions and analysis Preview PDF
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