I – eBooks and e-readers

1. What is an ebook?

The name “ebook” is the abbreviated form of the term “electronic book”. An ebook is a digital book available online on the Web and which can be read by digital devices such as computers, tablets, ebook readers (e-readers) and smartphones. An ebook is a digital file found most commonly in PDF or ePUB formats.

2. What is an e-reader or a device to read ebooks?

An E-reader, or Electronic Reader, is a physical device which can be used to display and read ebooks. There is a wide range of models and functionality of e-readers on the market from different companies.

There is also software that can be used to read ebooks on devices that are not an e-reader such as tablets, smartphones and PC’s. This software can also be considered an e-reader because it permits the display and reading of ebooks.

3. What is ePUB?

The ePUB format (acronym for Electronic Publication) is an open and freely available standard for ebooks and other forms of digital publications developed and maintanied by the IDPF – International Digital Publishing Fórum. ePUB adapts and optimizes the display of the contents of an ebook to the different device screen sizes.

SciELO Books adopted the ePUB format to complement PDF so that the user can select the most appropriate format for the size of the user’s particular e-reader.

4. What is OPDS – Open Publication Distribution System?

OPDS – Open Publication Distribution System is a standard, open protocol used by the SciELO Books site for its catalog that allows users to access, search and acquire ebooks from the entire SciELO Books catalog of ebooks directly from within their e-readers.

5. Basic software requirements

One must install Acrobat Reader and Adobe Flash Player

6. Where are SciELO Books ebooks available?

SciELO Books ebooks in PDF and ePUB formats will be available from the SciELO Books Web site, from major commercial ebook distributores such as Kobo Books, Google BookStore, Amazon, and EBSCO (with others to follow), and directly through the SciELO Books e-reader which will be distributed in the Apple Apps Store (for iPads and iPhones using iOS) and in the Google Play Store (for tablets and smartphones that operate under Android).

Please review the instructions for downloading and reading a SciELO Books ebooks.

II – Terms of use and Open Access

1. Are all the ebooks Open Access?

SciELO Books has Open Access ebooks as well as ebooks for sale selected from the catalogs of the publishers FIOCRUZ, UFBA and UNESP that are leading the SciELO Books project.

Ebooks for sale will be clearly indetified as such.

2. What are the terms of use of the ebooks available directly from the SciELO Books Web?

The Open Access ebooks will be available under a Creative Commons – Atribuition – Non Commercial – ShareAlike 3.0 license (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0) and are DRM (Digital Rights Management) free.

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