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Accompanied Selfrehabilitation

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"“Every once in a great while, there arises a young psychiatrist with entirely new rehabilitation ideas for helping patients retrieve their lives from psychosis. Usually such ideas initially elicit significant negative reactions from peers, but a handful of sturdy physicians have continued on to show the world that something different is possible—including George Brooks of the United States, E. E. Antinnen of Finland, and Franco Basaglia of Italy. Now we have to add to this list of illustrious doctors the name of Alberto Fergusson of Colombia”. Extract of the “Foreword”) Prof. Courtenay M. Harding"

Table of Contents

Front Matter / Elementos Pré-textuais / Páginas Iniciales
The Technique of Accompanied Autoanalysis and the Theory of Psychosis as Psychological Destruction and Decomposition
The Scientific Recovery of the Mind
Accompanied Autoanalysis: An Empathic Approach to Helping Deeply Disturbed Persons
Consent, Accountability and the Future of Therapeutic Communities in the Light of Accompanied Self-Rehabilitation: The Chemical Asylum and the Right to Be Socially Sanctioned
Innovative Care for the Homeless Mentally Ill in Bogotá, Colombia
Normalcy Illuminated by Madness
An Invitation to Self-Rehabilitation