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The Latin American challenge: social cohesion and democracy


Based on the work of twenty renowned experts from the region, this ground-breaking book traces the new face of Latin America using clear, straightfoward language that is accessible to a general audience. The current panorama in the region creates new opportunities and dangers for social cohesion in democracy and a revitalized critical approach is needed to arrive at a global interpretation of the social dynamics in Latin America.

Table of Contents

Front Matter / Elementos Pré - textuais / Páginas Iniciales Preview PDF
Introduction: social cohesion and dem ocracy: between voice and exit Preview PDF
Chapter I - Transformations of the social ond Preview PDF
Chapter II - Collective actors and forms of representation Preview PDF
Chapter III - Problems and promises: the informal economy, crime and corruption, norms and rights Preview PDF
Chapter IV - State, nation and politics at the dawn of the 21 st century Preview PDF
General Conclusions Preview PDF
Annex 1: background to the concept of social cohesion Preview PDF
Annex 2: list of contributions Preview PDF
Bibliography Preview PDF
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