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Espaços Culturais: vivências, imaginações e representações

What's common between the representations of Terena Indians of Mato Grosso do Sul, the sacred space in Shi'i Islam, [...], the homoerotic representations and territoriality and naturists?

O ensino da filosofia no limiar da contemporaneidade

This book examines the theme of the teaching of philosophy and discusses the issue of the occupation of the philosopher when his job is to teach philosophy.

Tabagismo: abordagem, prevenção e tratamento

This book is a practical guide to deal with approach, prevention and treatment of smoking.

Epidemiologia da imprecisão

This work proposes the construction of the bases of the three psychiatric epidemiology in the field: the personality, the psychological distress and mental illness.

Raízes históricas da medicina ocidental

This book aims to provide readers with a broad overview of the evolution of health care, showing the multiplicity and variety of cultural legacies that came together in the formation of what we know today as medicine.

Tempo presente: do MDB a FHC

A selection of articles appeared in newspapers across the country for over twenty years.

Catálogo de plantas e fungos do Brasil – Vols. 1-2

Full list of the Brazilian flora.

Tecnologias digitais na educação

A selection of articles that are the result of the monographs of the first class of the Specialization Course in New Technologies in Education.

A trajetória da democracia socialista: da fundação ao PT

The fruitful debate in the 1980s between the mainstreams of the party.

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