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Gestão Educacional nos municípios: entraves e perspectivas

The work examines public policies implemented in education in recent decades, especially with regard to the decentralization of education.

Estado sem cidadãos: seguridade social na América Latina

Comes to the legal institutions and social protection policies, with the central aim of presenting the Latin American pattern of Social Security to the reader, analyzing their origins, forms and trends of development system.

Figurações contemporâneas do espaço na literatura

This book is open to a diversity of meanings that the concept of space houses the objects and contemporary literary scenarios.

The topic of this book, the digital divide, refers to the unequal distribution of resources associated with information and communication technology between countries and within societies.

Políticas públicas para a Educação Infantil no Brasil (1990-2001)

As teachers, readers seized aired on setting policies in this period of intense educational reform speech?

As doenças e os medos sociais

The collection reflects the production of one of the segments of research from the Laboratory for the Study of Race, Racism and Discrimination, Universidade de São Paulo(LEER-USP).

Epistemologias da história

This book discusses the historiographical make themselves produced by historians and the latest developments of the story.

Catálogo de plantas e fungos do Brasil – Vols. 1-2

Full list of the Brazilian flora.

Tecnologias digitais na educação

A selection of articles that are the result of the monographs of the first class of the Specialization Course in New Technologies in Education.

A trajetória da democracia socialista: da fundação ao PT

The fruitful debate in the 1980s between the mainstreams of the party.