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Os jesuítas e o apostolado social durante a ditadura militar

The study addresses the political intervention of the Society of Jesus in Brazil's recent history, particularly during the military dictatorship.

Experiência de doença e narrativa

The concept of 'experience' is the thread of this collection divided into two parts: the first deals with the social construction of disease, particularly 'mental illness', the second focuses on the patient and the experience of illness and treat.

A evolução recente do setor bancário no Brasil

In this book are analyzed the evolution and modus operandi of the largest banks after the restructuring process, considering the kind of control, whether public, private or foreign national private.

As doenças e os medos sociais

The collection reflects the production of one of the segments of research from the Laboratory for the Study of Race, Racism and Discrimination, Universidade de São Paulo(LEER-USP).

Chilean Voices

Seven interviews of activists who participated in the Popular Unity period in 1970 in Chile.

A produção social do preconceito

This book has a central theme the understanding of the historical production of prejudice, an issue in our time has been the subject of attention of various social segments and has gained popular appeal.

Epistemologias da história

This book discusses the historiographical make themselves produced by historians and the latest developments of the story.

Catálogo de plantas e fungos do Brasil – Vols. 1-2

Full list of the Brazilian flora.

Tecnologias digitais na educação

A selection of articles that are the result of the monographs of the first class of the Specialization Course in New Technologies in Education.

A trajetória da democracia socialista: da fundação ao PT

The fruitful debate in the 1980s between the mainstreams of the party.