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Gabriela, baiana de todas as cores

The test fulfills the role of providing literary scholars a detailed overview of the illustrations and covers of various editions of the novel Gabriela, Cravo e Canela, in Brazil and worldwide.

História do Paraná: séculos XIX e XX

This work examines various themes in the history of the State of Paraná, seeking to understand the diversity of social, cultural and political experiences, from a critical and interpretive stance.

Erário Mineral – Vol. 1 e 2

This book brings together the experiences of medical practices performed by the barber-surgeon Luis Gomes Ferreira in the captaincy of Minas Gerais.

Epistemologias da história

This book discusses the historiographical make themselves produced by historians and the latest developments of the story.

A evolução histórica da ergonomia no mundo e seus pioneiros

A historical evolution fraught with controversies and discussions.

Internet na f@vela: quantos, quem, onde, para quê

This book seeks to advance the development of public policies, from an empirical analysis of the dynamics of digital inclusion / exclusion in the poorest sectors of the population.

Raízes históricas da medicina ocidental

This book aims to provide readers with a broad overview of the evolution of health care, showing the multiplicity and variety of cultural legacies that came together in the formation of what we know today as medicine.

Catálogo de plantas e fungos do Brasil – Vols. 1-2

Full list of the Brazilian flora.

Tecnologias digitais na educação

A selection of articles that are the result of the monographs of the first class of the Specialization Course in New Technologies in Education.

A trajetória da democracia socialista: da fundação ao PT

The fruitful debate in the 1980s between the mainstreams of the party.